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Whereas Canada lacks a politically free and financially independent institute for the advancement of constitutional right(s) and upholding the supremacy of the Constitution over the Executive and Legislative and Judicial branches of government;

The Constitutional Rights Centre is established as a private corporation whose sole mission and aim(s) are the protection, defence, enforcement, and enhancement of constitutional rights, and the supremacy of the Constitution, and the Rule of Law, without government funding, interference, or influence whatsoever.

The CRC’s mission is, on one hand, to challenge unconstitutional excess of the state, and on the other, to challenge the state’s abdication or abandonment of constitutional duty.

Financing of the CRC is strictly on a private basis and consists of:

  • private donation(s);
  • pro bono time donated by lawyers, law students, and other volunteers;
  • fund-raised cases.

The aims and objectives of the CRC are advanced through the vehicle of:

Litigation in the Court(s) by:

  • intervention as a Party and on behalf of Parties;
  • procuring co-counsel to assist other counsel
    when requested;
  • procuring direct representation of client(s).

Education through:

  • public and private speaking;
  • website publication(s) and newsletter(s); and
  • seminars and conferences.

The clear mission of CRC is to be as devoid, free and separate from government funding, interference, and influence, as matter is from anti-matter.

The CRC is committed to advocating for a truly independent, impartial, and accountable judiciary that reflects Canadian demography, values, and a fair and open appointment system. A judicial appointment system that complies with the process and substance of the equality and independence provisions of the Constitution.

The CRC is committed to protecting, defending, and enhancing constitutional rights and the supremacy of the Constitution over police, security services, the Executive, and the Legislative and other branches of government without regard to:

  • political correctness and influence whether political or judicial;
  • special-interest and lobby;
  • the unpopularity of the person or group asserting the Constitution or right; nor
  • the implications or ramifications to public spending required to effect constitutional rights.

The CRC is committed to resisting the unconstitutional “abdication” or “abandonment” of the legislative duty of legislatures and the unconstitutional delegation, particularly to private bodies, of public institutions and functions being the duty of legislatures and governments as gatekeepers of the public good, policy, and welfare.

The CRC is committed to asserting and defending the citizen’s electoral constitutional rights which ensure and guarantee constitutional democracy.

November, 2004


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