Published : JULY 28, 2021 | Vol. I Issue: 25

The Active Duty Police: “Together, We Can Win Our Freedoms Back!”

PUBLISHED: JULY 28, 2021 | by the Constitutional Rights Centre

Druthers had the privilege of an in-depth interview with an active duty Toronto Police Constable, Chris Vandenbos, who is here to represent Police On Guard. (P.O.G.) is a newly formed group made up primarily of active and retired Canadian police officers, of all ranks, that are demanding justice and truth.

This letter immediately led to many more officers joining our movement, both active and retired as well as Canada’s top constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati, volunteering to represent our movement in taking our government and police chiefs to court over these mandates and measures.

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Rocco Galati, BA, LLB, LLM, Executive Director