Published : Sept. 8, 2020 | Vol. I Issue: 1

The CRC-CDC thanks all of our subscribed members & supporters! 

PUBLISHED: SEP. 8, 2020 | by the Constitutional Rights Centre

It has been a week since we launched the Constitutional Rights Centre (CRC) website. The response has been great. We want to thank both the people who have subscribed and to those who have donated. We encourage those who have, to pass it on to their friends and social contacts.

We further encourage, and invite ,casual visitors to the website to also subscribe. The purpose of this newsletter is to inform about the CRC’s litigation, and other activities ,as well as provide useful information about citizens’ constitutional rights in Canada, at large, and as the circumstances require, including in the context of the COVID measures.

Next week’s Newsletter will cover the issue of masking in the context of:

  • What are your rights if refused entry in a public space or private business open to the public, if you invoke an exemption under the applicable by-law or ordinance?
  • What are your rights as an employee who invokes an exemption and accommodation by your employer and refused?
  • What are your children’s’ rights , in the school context, if they invoke an exemption and are refused?
  • What and where are your remedies when refused?

Again the CRC-CDC welcomes and thanks you for your interest, involvement and support.

Please follow our YouTube channel and website for more information on CRC-CDC Cases & Current Events!


Rocco Galati, BA, LLB, LLM, Executive Director


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